Sustainable growth.

Learn, Teach, Love

The mission of Planeta Sano in Costa Rica, Uganda, and Kenya is to promote organic agriculture, teach permaculture, encourage well-being, and instill respect for the environment.

On the farm (Londres in Quepos, Costa Rica), we incorporate permaculture, which is a sustainable design approach that integrates biodiversity and food production. Additionally, we combine practices of well-being such as yoga, meditation, and education for a more sustainable life.

In the estate we are a dozen workers and we try to be sustainable with our camping space, our two cottages and the courses and activities we offer. We are not there yet, and we are working very hard to move this project forward.


Water capture tower:

Scheduled date: before the rainy season.

Budget: $800

We need: Water capture tanks and materials for the pipeline and irrigation system.

The goal is to supply ourselves with rainwater and minimize the need to rely on municipal water.

The structure is done, only needs tanks and materials for the pipeline and irrigation system.

Rainwater drainage:

Scheduled date: before rainy season.

Budget: 200.000 colones ($450)

We need: To hire an excavator for 8 hours. (1 hour = 25,000)

The goal is to prevent flooding and landslides that threaten the planting areas and the integrity of the farm.

Complete the large composter:

Projected date: before the rainy season.

Budget: 200.000 colones ($450)

We need: Materials to finish the construction of the composter (roof and border to prevent rainwater and other factors from entering)

The objective is to properly manage organic waste to close the cycle in a sustainable way on the farm.

Our projects is looking for support and why:

How can you help us?

  • By attending our courses and activities
  • Staying at our facilities
  • Promoting this project on social media
  • Donating an amount that you consider to the cause that you like the most
  • Enjoying your experience at Finca Planeta Sano


with your support