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Ecological Farm & Education Center in Costa Rica

Join us in the journey towards a sustainable future.

Eco Farm & Educational Center Planeta Sano in Costa Rica

Permaculture Paradise

Explore our permaculture practices and be inspired to create abundance.


Discover the freedom in living sustainably and caring for the Earth:

  • Nurturing Earth’s ecosystems
  • Empowering self-sufficiency
  • Feed your knowledge to become self-sustainable & ecological


Relax & cute place to take the rest… enjoy nature and learn about sustainable living

Together we can make a difference

in the world

learn, teach, love

We have many ongoing projects to achieve full sustainability and teach it to others. Come, take a tour (available Tuesday through Sunday at 9 AM) or check us out on line.

Your financial support can help us achieve full sustainability and share it with our community. Our projects are located in Londres, Costa Rica, to 20 minutes drive from Quepos. We have ample parking and accessible bathrooms for your convenience.