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Planeta Sano’s Mission is to teach and promote sustainable practices in agriculture, health and regeneration of both humans and the planet.

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Planeta Sano Ecological Farm has been evolving over a 20 year period. The farm started reforesting in order to restore a biological corridor roughly 20 years ago. Animals were trapped in Manuel Antonio National Park as there were gaping holes in the biological corridors they needed as their habitat was consumed by a growing human population. Our farm was the link from Manuel Antonio National Park to the important biological corridor that flows through Costa Rica.

We are proud that we worked with the people in Analog Reforestation to achieve the goal of rebuilding a biological corridor. We reforested to create a corridor for wildlife. It is paradise, multiple troups of monkeys daily, scarlet macaws, Toucans, hummingbirds, anteaters, we live in the corridor we created, it is amazing. Full of life. This rainforest is a powerful life making machine. It creates life.

And we now teach all kinds of courses in sustainable living and self healing. Regenerate the people. Regenerate the planet. That Simple.

Empowering individuals to create positive change through sustainable practices

Join us on our journey towards a healthier planet and a more sustainable future

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