Hello Volunteer!

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers passionate about sustainable living, concerned about well-being, and environmental care. If you have something to contribute, please write to us!

What is included?


We offer basic food and healthy from the farm or street market


We bring you a tent with small beds to be more confortable if you need


Helping 6 hours per day during 5 days and 2 days off


Know about the culture

An big opportunity to know about the Costa Rican Country and their traditions

Sharing your knowledge

If you have something to share with people we can create a workshop about it

Learning about sustainability

A nice way to learn and share your knowlege with us, and be more consciousness

Let’s come in!

We are very proud of the volunteers who come through the farm and leave us with so much knowledge

and their enthusiastic energy, you are a breath of fresh air on the farm.


My time volunteering at Planeta Sano was really special !
If you want to be part of a project full of ambition while being able to take initiatives, that is your place. The project is young and possibilities are endless, yet the team gives it a beautiful direction. New ideas are received with a lot of enthusiasm.
The working schedule is flexible. Working hours have been a pleasure and usually rewarding, learning a lot about organic farming and permaculture.
I feel really grateful for the warm welcome here, as I felt really valued as a volunteer.
It is also a great place to reconnect with nature and oneself, camping among the fruit trees and relaxing by the river everyday.
Thank you family. Can’t wait to see what this project will be in a few years. Wish you the best ❤
Lucas from France
Volunteer February 2024

Enjoying place

Thank you to let us (my partner and me) share our knowledges with you guys, It was amazing experience and a nice break on our trip. Thank you guys for this 2 weeks to enjoy the relaxing jungle and proccesing your products.
Rute from Portugal
Volunteer November 2023

Pictures about our volunteers: